Every Time I Die – New Junk Aesthetic

There’s something very comforting about listening to Every Time I Die, predominantly because whilst you do know exactly what you’re going to get from album to album, what you’re getting is too damned fun and good for it to become stale.

New Junk Aesthetic finds ETID  moving racously on from the career high of 2007’s The Big Dirty with an album every part its equal. It’s got everything you’d expect; catchy, southern inspired riffs, Keith Buckley’s instantly quotable sarcastic and sardonic lyrics and enough groove to fill ten hodowns. There’s certainly a bit more of a reliance on clean vocal hooks than on previous efforts, which is great when they’re used as well as they are in Wanderlust and White Smoke. It helps that Buckley is one of the best vocalist in heavy music around, of course, but he’s equally at home screaming his lungs out on The Marvellous Slut as he is singing an impossibly catchy chours on Wanderlust. Musically, it feels very much like a sister album to The Big Dirty; solid production, big riffs and thick grooves. That may be easy to criticise but when your music is this enjoyable to listen to, sticking to what you know will still get you good results.

Every Time I Die have turned into one of the best heavy rock bands around over the last few years, and New Junk Aesthetic will bring them more fans whilst pleasing the faithful. They needn’t break major new territory with each release, because there are few bands making music as thrilling, fun and downright dirty than Every Time I Die. They’re the band that you wish you could get to play the party you’ve never had. Cracking stuff.


Video for Wanderlust:


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